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#4234: Anolian Card

Item ID 4234 For Sale No
Identifier Anolian_Card Credit Price Not For Sale
Name Anolian Card Type Card
NPC Buy 20 Weight 1
NPC Sell 10 Weapon Level 0
Range 0 Defense 0
Slots 0 Refineable No
Attack 0 Min Equip Level 0
Equip Locations Armor
Equip Upper None
Equippable Jobs None
Equip Gender Unknown
Item Use Script

1 bonus3 bAutoSpellWhenHit,"AC_CONCENTRATION",1+9*(getskilllv("AC_CONCENTRATION")==10),30;

Equip Script None
Unequip Script None
Description Random chance to autocast Level 1 Improve Concentration on the user when receiving physical attack.
If the user has mastered the skill at level 10, it will cast Level 10 Improve Concentration.
Hunter Card set
Cruiser Card
Anolian Card
Alligator Card
Dragon Tail Card
Merman Card
AGI +5
DEX +3
Increases ranged physical attack by 20%.
Perfect HIT +20%
When equipped by Archer classes:
Random chance to inflict Coma status on Brute monster when dealing physical attack.
Increases experience gained from defeating Brute monsters by 5%.
Bard/Dancer Card set
Cruiser Card
Anolian Card
Alligator Card
Dragon Tail Card
Green Ferus Card
DEX +5
Increases damage of Arrow Vulcan by 5%.
Increases damage of Musical Strike by 10%.
Increases damage of Throw Arrow by 10%.
When equipped by Bard or Dancer classes:
Random chance to autocast Level 2 Tarot Card of Fate when dealing melee phyisical attack.
Type: Card
Compound on: Armor
Weight: 1

Anolian Card Dropped By

Monster ID Monster Name Anolian Card Drop Chance Monster Level Monster Race Monster Element
1206 Anolian 0% 61 Fish Level 2 Water